Biomat Sizes

Although you may have heard of biomats you may not be so aware that they do in fact come in different sizes but the size in these cases is defined by the type of mat you buy. The types of biomats available are Mini, professional, single, queen and king and all of them except for perhaps the mini and the professional are designed for use in the home although both of those can also be used there. The mini which is often used in the home, is small enough though to be moved to anywhere else and also used there, making it convenient for those people that travel a lot and want relief from their pain even when they are on the road, so to speak. The professional can also be used in the home as it is similar in size to the single but in its case it has been specifically designed for use in medical facilities, such as clinics. The single, as its name suggests, is for the use of one single adult at a time. The queen has been designed so that two adults may take advantage of its benefits ta the same time and the king, slightly larger than the queen has been designed to fit nicely on a king size bed, affording both comfort as well as its beneficial health aspects.

What you have heard about the biomat is probably true if you have heard that it is extremely beneficial in relieving pain, as it is. The pains the mat is especially good at relieving are back pains, joint pains and muscle pains but is not limited to only those as there are in fact still studies going on to determine exactly what other pains it can bring relief to. What is so good about these mats is that they afford that pain relief without the need for medications which, apart from sometimes being expensive, are sometimes i-effective and have been associated with many side effects. Then there is of course being careful you buy the right medication for each individual pain as, unlike the biomat, Different ones are needed for different types of pain.

The biomat exploits and uses the natural healing energies of the body by absorbing them for transference to your body and so they have a total of 17 different layers each one with its own specific task. Although some of the layers are unique in their make-up, others may be quite common but it is the order in which they are joined which is the critical fact, the fact which makes them so beneficial to pain sufferers. As well as relieving pain these mats are known to also improve sleep, reduce stress, increase blood flow, relax muscles and to give a general feeling of well-being. Besides the other research being carried out, separate research is under way to see if these mats may in any way be of beneficial value to those people suffering from cancer but no results have yet been published.